** Katy is currently unavailable for massage in the St Pete area. For massage in St Pete, she goes to Advanced Soft Tissue Therapy (MM9860), and for mobile massage (in home) she calls Lindsay Padgett at 727-348-5354 (MA80517).**

Whether you’re looking into massage therapy for pain relief, relaxation, body maintenance or athletic performance, you’re on the right track. Massage is widely appreciated for reducing muscle tension and de-stressing the body, but it’s also been shown to have numerous health benefits, such as easing anxiety and depression, lowering blood pressure, increasing circulation, releasing joint restrictions, decreasing pain and tension headaches, and improving sleep quality.

Massage may be particularly helpful in cases of pain that appears to have no skeletal, neural or visceral origin. If you hurt and your doctors don’t know why, the pain may be muscle related and may be from obvious causes (playing sports, having a job that requires lots of lifting, a car wreck, etc.) or from less obvious causes (spending all day at a computer, playing an instrument, doing crafts). Muscles are undoubtedly a very important part of the human body, but are often overlooked as a source of pain. Everyone knows muscles work hard; remember that they can get hurt, too.